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Allowing users to put building information modeling (BIM) into practice during the design, construction and operation phases to improve productivity, sustainability and quality.

The Latest in Construction Technology Solutions Augmenting the Building Lifecycle

Up to 7X Faster 3D Scanning by Combining the Best of Mobile & Fixed-Positioning Solutions

The FARO Swift Indoor Mobile Scanning System combines the most innovative capabilities of the Focus Laser Scanner, the ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper and SCENE Software mobilized on a wheeled device to create a fully integrated and mobile system.

  • FASTER: Capture 3D data up to 7x faster than conventional, static scanning

  • EFFICIENT: Maximize the capture area in less time with greater flexibility of data integration and portability of the combined system components

  • FLEXIBLE: Easily transition between mobile and conventional scanning in real time without set-up

Smoothest Scan-to-BIM Workflow, No Matter Your Preferred CAD/BIM Design System

FARO As-Built Modeler Software is a comprehensive and innovative platform that allow design users to:

  1. Seamlessly extract processed 3D as-built data from FARO SCENE Software

  2. Convert the point cloud data into true-to-life representations of scanned area

  3. Immediately export into any popular design tool software on the market – even if it doesn’t support point clouds

Latest Enhancements of our Fully Integrated Building QA/QC Management Tool

FARO BuildIT Construction 2019.5 Software now provides faster, more reliable and customizable importing of design models from scan data. With several developments, users can conduct accelerated and precise on-site analytics for quality assurance specifications.

  • IMPROVED WORKFLOWS: get results up to 90% faster than previous versions

  • ENHANCED STABILITY: steady computer memory and storage performance

  • EASIER DATA MANAGEMENT: customizable and additional file formats have been included for importing design models from scan data

Our Tool for 2D As-Built Documentation, Visual Inspection & 3D Scan Job Planning

The FARO ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper has received some recent updates to enhance its applications for AEC:

  • Capture 2D floor plans in real-time as you walk, documenting critical details with photographs and with export abilities to your preferred CAD system

  • Add 360 images to the 2D map, share results with anyone, anywhere with SCENE WebShare Cloud and explore panoramic images with VR glasses

  • Scan Assist feature automatically calculates the best laser scanner positions, get report estimates on total needed scans from your Focus, with guides to suggested scan positions and pre-registered import to SCENE